If Only this Could be Hidden

If this could be hidden and you didn’t even know what was missing or removed from it.   That would be something.

Like this thread from some guy on the interweb.  I wonder if he even exists any more.



Are the Minders Going Deep?

I want to test the filtering algorithm on a popular social engineering website. it’s flagging posts like these based on it’s own scan of the site behind the link. I’m merely testing if they follow links beyond the first level. 

This article has been edited twice to see if it’s being cached.   If you are reading this, it’s the final and current version 

This is an interesting article.



Ride a Motorcycle

Chincoteague Island

The vast majority of people can’t tell you how many people die in the U.S. each year. They don’t know how many violent crimes take place in the U.S. including homicides and assaults.

Even though all of this data is published for free and updated annually, they don’t know what the top causes of death are (including accidents, disease, etc.).

Worse yet, the public is only semi-capable of quoting mis-represented statistics pushed by political parties and news organizations. These often shared ‘viral pseudo-facts’ are merely marketing for your vote or dollar.

In short, most people know close to nothing about risks. They make emotional decisions (fear, desire, etc.) and rationalize them after the fact.

So ride a motorcycle.

Not because you love risk or have ‘no fear.’ Ride a motorcycle because the very act of getting on a motorcycle is meditation. It is a centering of your attention. It is focus on-demand.

To ride a motorcycle is to separate yourself from the echos of the past, the concerns about the future, and the unnecessary distractions of the moment.

Allow your attention to narrow to the machine beneath you, the environment around you and the next 180 seconds of your path through the universe.



I wandered along the highway,
stopping from time to time.