Ride a Motorcycle

Chincoteague Island

Most can’t tell you how many people die in the U.S. each year.

They don’t keep track of violent crimes in the U.S.

They haven’t seen the scope of homicides or aggravated assaults.

This data is published freely each year.

Most can’t put their own risks in context.

Worse yet, many merely quote misleading media and politicians.

‘Viral pseudo-facts’ planted by those marketing for your vote or dollar.

In short, most are emotional, consumed by fears or desires.

We rationalize after the fact.

So just ride a motorcycle.

Not because you love risk or have ‘no fear.’

Ride a motorcycle because in a world swimming with risks, it’s not even at the top of the list.

The bonus is that the act of riding a motorcycle is meditation.

It is a centering of your attention. It is focus that you choose.

To ride a motorcycle is to separate yourself from the echoes of the past, the concerns about the future, and the unnecessary distractions of the moment.

Allow your attention to narrow to the machine beneath you, the environment around you and the next two minutes of your path through the universe.

Then consider the next two minutes, or at least as far as you can see.