Troll Make Internet Mad

The world is full of people desperately seeking meaning and satisfaction. By simple numerical reality, the vast majority will never be the top dog even of their own lives.

They will work for other people and be told when to work and what to do. Others will have nicer homes, cars, and relationships. Most will be constantly subjected to images and stories of people living “better” lives.

In short, their daily existence will constantly demonstrate their low status in various dubious societal ranks. By these standards they will never be rich enough, attractive enough, or powerful enough to “win.” That discontent is deliberately driven into the population as a way to encourage consumption. For many this is both inevitable and disturbing. That is the point.

Those that do find peace, often do so through acceptance for nearly everything outside themselves coupled with a vigorous focus on shaping what’s happening inside their own minds (and souls?).

That number is a minority of any given population but seems to be shrinking over time. It’s certainly not the demographic sought by social media companies.

The reality of Facebook (or Reddit or X) is that they prove almost irresistibly attractive to people that are unhappy with their lives in some way. It provides no barriers to entry and meaningful levels of pseudo-anonymity that not only permit anti-social behavior but reward it. IRL there are often immediate and negative consequences for similar behavior.

Asking why people on Facebook are negative is like asking why people at an in-store black Friday sale push, shove and run to the back of a store when the doors are thrown open and supplies are limited. The system is designed that way.

Facebook exists to attract people dissatisfied with their lives and sell them products to make them happy. This is a lie, but it works.

So you may say, you are bothered by the negativity. Have you asked yourself why it bothers you? What can you do about it? Will pointing it out help?

I suggest blocking anyone you find remotely offensive (including me if that’s your judgement).

We will never ‘fix humanity’ by scolding people for behavior. If we collectively block people though, you will find your experience online may get better. It continues to amaze me how positive Facebook groups can be with only 5% of their population invisible.

TL;DR: People are generally unhappy and act out. This behavior is tempered in face to face interactions by the risks of negative repercussions. That mechanism is largely absent online. Facebook likes that crowd because selling them things under the promise of happiness is a winning strategy. It doesn’t actually make anyone happy, but it sure sells. Block negative people and encourage others to do so. Your experience will improve dramatically.



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